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Our Team
Hugh Thacker

Prior to working in the insurance sector, Hugh spent 17 years working within British Airways Engineering, holding various positions both in the UK and overseas.

Hugh previously held Senior Surveyor positions within the Aviation Loss Adjuster arena and has been involved with many high profile and complicated claims in numerous different fields of aviation ranging from  small unmanned aerial vehicles up to large commercial airliners. His experience includes complex aircraft recovery co-ordination, damage assessment, aircraft repair processes (planning, monitoring and cost control) along with major loss handling, site restoration, environmental management, wreckage disposal, salvage sales and evaluating the prospects for a subrogated recovery.


Andy Woodruff

Andy joined Leading Edge Assist from Virgin Atlantic Airways where he was an Engineering Operations Manager responsible for the Airline’s Fleet Maintenance Program and Operational resilience world-wide.

He initially spent 18 years working in British Airways Engineering holding various positions in both Major and Minor Maintenance along with a secondment in Engineering Training.

In 2006 Andy took up a position as an Aviation Surveyor, progressing to Senior Surveyor with a leading Company within the Risk and Asset Management sector. He has conducted Operational Risk Surveys in Europe, Asia and Africa of Airlines and Ground Handling Companies on behalf of the Insurance and Energy sectors.

Andy has also completed multiple mid lease and end of lease projects for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.


Cameron Hogg

Cameron started his aviation career with British Airways in 1985. Having worked in a number of different minor and major maintenance departments at both Heathrow and Gatwick, he transferred to Paris CDG in 1996 where in 2002 he became Maintenance Manager. In 2006 Cameron joined Swiss International Airways, helping them establish line maintenance departments in both Copenhagen and Rome.

Cameron has been an Aviation Surveyor since 2008 and in that time he has handled a number of major losses worldwide on commercial airliners and business jets, along with numerous general aviation, glider, microlight and UAV losses within Europe. 

Chris Robinson

Chris has gained a wealth of experience in aviation claims adjusting, since joining the industry in 2004. Prior to this time, he worked for Iberia Spanish Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways, having previously worked in Australia for ASTA Aircraft Services, Writghtcel Australia Ltd and Roysen Engineering. Chris began his career with UK’s Royal Air Force, being part of their aircraft accident and recovery team as well as working on various aircraft maintenance squadrons.

Chris has been involved in numerous complicated and high-profile losses around the world over the years, ranging from general aviation, helicopters, corporate jets, and commercial airliners. He is an expert in aircraft recovery and transportation and is trained in various quality auditing practices. Chris’ ability in damage assessment and repair planning is second to none. Chris is also fluent in Spanish. 

Euan Vickery

Euan joined Leading Edge Assist in 2022. Being a CAA authorised UAS Operator and Pilot, he brings a wealth of operational experience across all UAS types and categories. Since joining LEA, Euan has become the Accountable Manager in respect of UAS operations and has been instrumental in the company gaining it’s GVC Approval.

Euan has completed his CII Certificate modules and is currently nearing completion of his Private Pilot’s license. His claims handling experience includes UAS claims in the Open, Specific and Certified categories, along with General Aviation claims.

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