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Our Expertise

"Our highly motivated team bring a wealth of experience in all aspects of aviation claims, across a wide range of aircraft types, categories and market sectors."
Unmanned Air Vehicles

Leading Edge Assist are market leaders in handling Unmanned Air Vehicle claims. In this fast moving and constantly changing sector, we are experts in the operation, regulation and repair possibilities of UAV's in the various global jurisdictions. Being UAV operators ourselves we offer unrivalled knowledge in this area and can assist both Insurers, Brokers and operators, many of whom are new to this field.  

Executive Jets

Executive Jet claims can often be extremely demanding. A considerate claim management  style may be required to ensure all aspects of the claim are maintained in line with the policy, but still allowing for the operators needs to be met. Our extensive experience in these types of claims allows us to find an acceptable solution in this exacting and often expensive sector of aviation.


Turboprop aircraft are often operated in harsh and remote environments. They are chosen by operators for their versatility and ability to fly in and out of remote locations with very little infrastructure. This in itself can often cause complications if a loss occurs at such an airfield. In these circumstances our extensive experience in recoveries, off-site repairs, allocation of manpower and additional budgeting requirements, allows us to maintain control of the final costs and avoid delays.      

General Aviation

General Aviation claims require a personal touch. In these cases we are often dealing with peoples pride and joy, or their livelihood. Early involvement and assistance allows for a full understanding of what is required, along with a greater control of costs. Having successfully handled hundreds of General Aviation claims, we are at the forefront within this field and offer a proven solution to industry needs.   

Commercial Helicopters

Commercial helicopters are the workhorses of the industry. Their uses include transportation of  people and cargo, firefighting, filming, surveying, logging and movement of oversized loads. They can be subjected to a whole host of unusual and complicated events. Due to their nature, helicopters often require a complex repair solution. We have assisted in numerous such claims which have allowed for a successful resolution on behalf of Insurers and operators alike.  


Commercial Airliners

Commercial airlines expect the best from their Insurers. We aim to build a relationship with the airline allowing trust and understanding from both sides. Having previously held senior positions within airlines, our team understand the pressures and operating factors in place within such organisations and their decision making processes. We liaise with manufacturers and repairers to ensure repairs are carried out correctly and cost effectively. These claims are often complex and require regular updates to Insurers.   


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